About Us

Taskers Sports was established in 1977 and we quickly became the destination Sports store in the area. Almost 40 years later we are without doubt the biggest and best independent sports retailer on Merseyside, and indeed one of the top sports retailers in the United Kingdom.
At our 20,000 square feet Aintree superstore and our at our 6000 square feet town centre Southport store you will find an unrivalled range of sports equipment covering fitness, sports nutrition, boxing, MMA, wrestling, martial arts, supports, swimming, sports clothing and footwear.

We pride ourselves on being able to give informed and helpful advice on all of our products. Our team are given continuous product training and many are themselves sports men and women. If we choose to stock a particular sport, we only do it if we can do it properly. For example our fitness section is unbeatable. We have over 100 pieces of fitness equipment on display.

Shop with confidence! We are a bricks and mortar business. Many internet traders operate from rented premises on short leases. Here today, gone tomorrow. We have seen many come and inevitably, go! We own our premises and are high street based. Additionally we are part of a modest group of stores all owned and run by the same family. We also have a 15,000 square feet fishing and outdoor store in Liverpool, visit www.taskers-angling.co.uk
Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and learn more about us. Rest assured that we never forget that it is our valued customers who pay our wages and therefore we endeavour to achieve outstanding customer service standards. If we should ever fail in that goal please write to me directly at pt@taskers-sports.co.uk.
Peter Tasker
Managing Director.