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Everything you need to know about circuit training

Everything you need to know about circuit training

Circuit training is a form of exercise widely used in gym classes, online workouts and by personal trainers. When it comes to what circuit training you can do it can be with or without weights, no two classes are always the same which means you can expect something different each time. In this blog we thought that we would explore more about circuit training and the benefits that you can gain. 

When doing circuit training each exercise is performed one after another with little to no rest. In a circuit there can be 8-10 exercises although this number can vary depending on how much time that you have. Each exercise can last from as little as 30-60 seconds and once you go through each exercise you can take a slightly longer rest. In some cases you would aim to complete a circuit 3 times within a time limit so that you really are pushing yourself. 


So why actually do circuit training over other forms of exercise? That is because it is one of the most time efficient ways to do a full body workout. You are working most of the muscles in your body in a condensed period of time so you can expect to get really good results if you keep at it consistently. Another benefit is that you are training muscle groups without overdoing it. You may start with an exercise focusing on your legs but then you will have about 3 or 4 more targeting separate muscle groups. 

Anyone can take part or start circuit training, no matter what your level of fitness is. You can make it more difficult or easy by just changing the order of exercises or the rest time between each. The beauty of a circuit is that you really can get creative with them and tailor them to suit you, the more you do the better you will become at them so you can prepare to challenge yourself more. 


It is probably best to have 2 days rest between circuit training so that you are giving your body the time to fully recover. Again though as you progress and start to challenge yourself more this can be tailored to your needs or what you feel is right for you. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight or build up your fitness, circuit training is a great option for you as it is designed to keep you moving for the entire session. If you want to make your workouts more demanding and interesting then circuit training might just be what you need. 



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