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Starting to box? Here are some gloves to get you going

Starting to box? Here are some gloves to get you going

Its now 2023 and many of you will be looking to start training again after a busy festive period. If you are looking to try something new though then boxing could be for you and Taskers sports we offer a huge range of boxing gear. To get started you'll need a pair of high quality gloves which we offer plenty of. Here we thought we would share some of our best boxing gloves with you.


1. Ringside Pro Training G2 Gloves | Black/Slate


ÔĽŅThese gloves feature numerous updates on its previous model including¬†improved fist and palm padding which adds safety and durability, our cross-strap closure system gives improved support and comfort and an updated hand mould for a superior fit.¬†They have a great visual design and the premium leather compared with a moisture wicking lining makes these a great glove to start off with.¬†


2. Cleto Reyes Leather Strap Gloves | Blue


Crafted from the highest quality leather and constructed to the best achievable fit.¬†They have a water repellent lining that helps to keep the hands dry.¬†This¬†colourful range of sparring gloves¬†are dynamic in colour and are¬†very rare on the boxing circuit. There is an attached thumb as well to prevent injuries, meaning that you have some peace of mind when starting out.¬†ÔĽŅ


3. Adidas Hybrid 100 Black / White


ÔĽŅVery affordable boxing gloves particularly if you are looking to start up in the sport. The inside lining provides a good layer of comfort and there is a two piece injection mould foaming pad. Also features a two-tone large rigid elasticated strap that can be secured solidly to provide extra support and an ergonomic shape for powerful and fast punch.

4. Rival Rsi-2.0 Pro-Sparring Glove | Black
Rival pride themselves on designing their gloves for serious athletes and these comfortable and stylish gloves are no different. The key features of this glove include: 
  • Rival's¬†Ergo Lace Track System
  • 15¬į Angled¬†Lace Track¬†at Wrist for Anatomical Fit
  • X-Lace Track¬†on Cuff for Perfect Lacing Every Time
  • The¬†Lace-Track¬†Eliminates Risk of Lace Burns


5. Adidas Performer Glove | White


ÔĽŅMade from buff calf leather with the palm and thumb in¬†PU3G Innovation which is a material that looks and feels like leather¬†and absorbs perspiration whilst remaining subtle. It also includes a Soft Punch Technology which reinforces the protection of the metacarpals thanks to its moulded foam structure, therefore reducing hand and repetitive strain type injuries that can occur during training.


We hope you have seen some great gloves you like. We offer a huge range of boxing gear here at Taskers Sports so make sure you visit our store or shop online to get all the equipment you need. 

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