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Tips for running in the cold weather

Tips for running in the cold weather

It is a new year which means a lot of you will have your fitness goals set for January and beyond. Running is something that a lot of our customers do here at Taskers Sports. Sadly though the cold weather will be around a bit longer meaning that it can be tough to find the motivation to go on that run. We thought we would share some tips when it comes to running in the cold so that you are ready to get out there even in the winter conditions.

First of all it is important to acknowledge the benefits of running in the winter so that you can think of these when you are about to go out. People tend to be less active in the dark and cold months which is natural. However going running during this time provides good structure to your days and a routine that will keep you fit. It will also help your mental health as well and make you feel better all around! If your still struggling to keep motivated then try joining a running club or a race which will give you targets to aim for. 


Getting started is always the hardest but once you do it only gets easier. Sometimes people put pressure on themselves to go a set distance or run for a set amount of time which can seem quite daunting. Forget all that if you have not ran for a while or haven't ran in wintery conditions and just lean into whats right for you, even if its just a light jog. Setting attainable goals is really important so even if you run for 15 minutes for the first to runs then up it to 20 thats good progress which you can keep building on. Having a route to start with is good and thats what you can use as a base to build up your time and distance on. 

Unlike running in the summer, winter running requires you to put more thought into what you wear. You don't want to layer up to the point you overheat when you are well into your run, then have to take a jacket off and have to carry it with you the rest of the way. Normally a warm base layer i.e. a long sleeve shirt and then a zip up top or jacket on the top will keep you warm when you start and maintain that warmth when you get going. A warm hat or gloves can always come in handy as well. Of course some days and nights can be colder than others so it is important to check the weather and temperature.  


During your run make sure you focus on keeping a good form and that you breath properly so that you do not get out of breath shortly into it. Be careful where you step as well so that you do not slip on any ice and also be aware of puddles so that your feet do not become soaked, from experience that can be very uncomfortable! Maybe for the last few minutes of your run do a light jog just so that you can bring your breathing and heart rate back to a normal level. When home change out of any damp clothes straight away and also remember to hydrate yourself properly. 

During this time of year the weather will always have a big impact on what running you do and sometimes it can mean you may not be able to go. If it is icy or thick with snow outside it may not be safe to run incase you slip so always check the weather and adjust or change your run around that. 


We hope that after reading this you feel ready to go and tackle the winter weather on your runs. Remember our store stocks loads of training gear so make sure you visit us or shop online to get everything that you need.  



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